Thursday, March 24, 2011

Using Foil to Reflect Light onto Seedlings

While I was researching different ways to build a solar oven I found an article about what to do with aluminum foil.  One of the things listed was about lining a box with foil and placing a plant in the box to reflect the light onto the plant so it would be more compact.

These tomato plants are so leggy that I thought a foil box may help them.  I really don’t mind them being leggy if the plants are strong, because everything you see will be planted underground anyway.  More about planting tomatoes next month.

So here is how I applied the foil concept to my tomato seedlings.

Lined a box with aluminum foil.

Placed a phone book inside to set the tomato tray on to be closer to the light.

Placed the tomato seedlings on the phone book.

I decided to put my Ottlite light above the box.  If I didn't put the light over the box
then I would have raised the back of it slightly to get more sunlight into the box.

Maybe foil behind the box and over the light will create a better reflection? 

View from the back.  The open side is facing the window.

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