Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tomato Plants for Summer 2017 Planting

 This is an Amana Orange tomato slice.  It is one of my new favorite heirloom tomatoes.  I have planted it for 2 years.  It is large and grows very well for me.
I read about planting slices of tomatoes a while ago.  I had a couple of tomato slices in the refrigerator that were getting to old to eat.  I put them in the sink and started to the water running to put them down the disposal.  Then I remembered to plant a slice.  A lot of the seeds washed away, but there were still plenty left, so I pulled this slice out of the sink and planted it instead.  We will see what happens.  By-the-way there is a layer of soil over the top of this tomato slice. It is the pot in the back left corner in the two pictures below.

This is a start from my Golden Jubilee heirloom tomato plant.  Another favorite.  It reminds me of a Roma tomato, because it has few seeds and not a lot of juice.  It is bigger and rounder than a Roma.  I thought I would take a cutting, root it, and plant it in a container to see if it would survive the winter. My house may be too cold for it.

This is a start from  a Sun Sugar tomato plant.  It is the only non-heirloom tomato I grow.  It was the morning after a freeze that I suddenly realized I should take a cutting and see if I could get it to grow indoors this winter and not have to buy one in the Spring.  I found some sections below the frozen plant tops and cut off 4 pieces.  Only one has rooted so far.  One rotted away and the other two are still in a vase of water.  Hopefully they grow roots too.

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